Distance to Goal

Nye County School District’s Race to Connect Every Kid

5,402 of 5,402 students reached 100%
5,402 students connected to internet 100%
5,402 students connected to devices 100%
*As of December 16th

Nye School District

All students in the communities of Pahrump and Beatty will follow the hybrid model at all levels (grades K−12). These students will attend in person two days a week and have distance learning three days a week.

Early childhood and preschool students in Pahrump will attend school in person four days a week.

All four-day week, remote-rural schools (except for the community of Beatty) will attend school in person all four days at all school levels.

All students in all communities have the availability to participate in distance learning; only K−12.

Reopening Date


Instructional Model

All Rural In-Person, Elementary In-Person, High Population 7-12 Hybrid

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